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馬場 敬一

1974  東京生まれ



2023  gallery Q・東京/2020  gallery Q・東京/2017  gallery 403・東京/2014  galerie SOL・東京/2011  gallery 403・東京 /2010  f.e.i art gallery・神奈川/2009  三鷹市芸術文化センター・東京/2009  gallery 403・東京/2008  NEKA ART MUSEUM・バリ・インドネシア/2007  galerie SOL・東京/2006  TAMAGO・東京/2005  gallery 403・東京/2004  space ofbyfor・東京/2002  ARSギャラリー・東京/2001  三鷹市芸術文化センター・東京/2000  ギャラリー陶・東京/1999  目黒区美術館区民ギャラリー・東京/1998  バオバブ・東京



2024「MA→ZI」FEI ART MUSEUM YOKOHAMA・神奈川/2023「第22回 縄文コンテンポラリー展 in ふなばし」飛ノ台史跡博物館・千葉/2023 「第3回 Gates Art Competition 入選作品展」VR/2022「FLOWER FLOWER FLOWER 2022」あるぴいの銀花ギャラリー・埼玉/2021「Brightly - 2021展」Gallery Q・東京/2021「さいたま百花展」あるぴいの銀花ギャラリー・埼玉/2021「ROOMS」gallery 102・東京/2021「フューチャースケープ・プロジェクト2021」ZOU-NO-HANA・神奈川/2020「Heartwarming 2020展」Gallery Q・東京/2011「FLOWER PEOPLE」Kosmos Lane Studio & Gallery・東京




2019 「小松ビエンナーレ2019 第5回宮本三郎記念デッサン大賞展」 佳作(審査員:荒井良二氏 小澤基弘氏 橋本善八氏 町田久美氏 皆川明氏)/2019 「第15回世界絵画大賞展」協賛社賞・パイロットコーポレーション賞(審査員:遠藤彰子氏 絹谷幸二氏 佐々木豊氏 山下裕二氏)/2018 「第14回世界絵画大賞展」 東京都知事賞(審査員:遠藤彰子氏 絹谷幸二氏 佐々木豊氏 山下裕二氏)



NEKA ART MUSEUM(ネカ美術館)バリ・インドネシア










1974 Born in Tokyo


solo exhibition

2023 gallery Q, Tokyo / 2020 gallery Q, Tokyo / 2017 gallery 403, Tokyo / 2014 gallery SOL, Tokyo / 2011 gallery 403, Tokyo / 2010 f.e.i art gallery, Kanagawa / 2009 Mitaka City Arts Center, Tokyo / 2009 gallery 403, Tokyo / 2008 NEKA ART MUSEUM, Bali, Indonesia / 2007 galerie SOL, Tokyo / 2006 TAMAGO, Tokyo / 2005 gallery 403, Tokyo / 2004 space ofbyfor, Tokyo / 2002 ARS Gallery, Tokyo / 2001 Mitaka City Arts Center, Tokyo / 2000 Gallery Ceramics, Tokyo / 1999 Meguro Museum of Art Citizens' Gallery, Tokyo / 1998 Baobab, Tokyo


group exhibition

2024 "MA→ZI" FEI ART MUSEUM YOKOHAMA, Kanagawa / 2023 "22nd Jomon Contemporary Exhibition in Funabashi" Tobinodai Historic Site Museum, Chiba / 2023 "3rd Gates Art Competition Selected Works Exhibition" VR / 2022 "FLOWER FLOWER FLOWER 2022" Alpii no Ginka Gallery, Saitama / 2021 "Brightly - 2021 Exhibition" Gallery Q, Tokyo / 2021 "Saitama Hundred Flowers Exhibition" Alpii no Ginka Gallery, Saitama / 2021 "ROOMS" gallery 102, Tokyo / 2021 "Futurescape Project 2021" ZOU-NO-HANA, Kanagawa / 2020 "Heartwarming 2020" Gallery Q, Tokyo / 2011 "FLOWER PEOPLE" Kosmos Lane Studio & Gallery, Tokyo



2019 "Komatsu Biennale 2019 5th Saburo Miyamoto Memorial Drawing Award Exhibition" Honorable Mention (Judges: Mr. Ryoji Arai, Mr. Motohiro Ozawa, Mr. Zenpachi Hashimoto, Mr. Kumi Machida, Mr. Akira Minagawa) / 2019 "15th World Painting Awards" Sponsor Award・Pilot Corporation Award (Judges: Akiko Endo, Koji Kinutani, Yutaka Sasaki, Yuji Yamashita) / 2018 "The 14th World Painting Award Exhibition" Tokyo Governor's Award (Judges: Akiko Endo, Koji Kinutani, Yutaka Sasaki, Yamashita Mr. Yuji)



NEKA ART MUSEUM Bali Indonesia




First, he draws a picture on laminated cardboard, cuts it with pain, and reconstructs it in three dimensions through modeling and resin coating.

The three-stage production process of Birth→Destruction→Regeneration itself forms the framework of expression.

It is an attempt to sublimate the pain of the sensory side into beauty by giving brilliance to the wound from the physical side.

I want to present the inevitable karma (karma) such as pain and wounds as paradoxical strength and beauty, and transform them into positive ones.

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